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Our Heritage in Technology and Consulting

Founded in 2006, OnWire Realty was created by a former IBM Consultant who saw an opportunity to optimize general brokerage by applying advisory methods that use consultative problem solving and negotiations. 

Having earned two engineering degrees from North Carolina State University, she aspired to create a real estate company like no other.

By combining the power of technology and forward-thinking, she constructed a leadership team – hailing from all walks of life; and with skills across various industries – to help her build and operate an unconventional real estate company with conventional values.

We were founded with the desire to do things differently …

Why OnWire Realty?

Here at OnWire we love being a part of our clients’ path towards their dreams and life goals; and that’s why we have assembled a team of Real Estate Advisors to do so.

For us, it’s about providing the best experience for our clients, all while respecting our agents’ work-life-balance. We believe employee well-being underpins success.

We want our employees to love where they work and love what they do. That means providing more time-saving tools for our agents and offering a career path that can’t be found anywhere else in the industry.

We believe agents should be provided with the absolute best administrative and technology support.

We use market leading technologies bolstered by AI and machine learning so that we can bring a world-class experience to everyone who works with us.

Mission Statement

To reimagine real estate as we know it by combining advanced technology with a people-centric mentality.

Core Values

  • We value time outside of work.
  • We value technology that helps us make smarter decisions.
  • We value employee wellbeing.
  • We value client satisfaction.
  • We value innovative thinking.
  • We value partnership.
  • We value the must-haves list.
  • We value a workplace that doesn’t feel like work.
  • We value true passion that inspires positive change.
  • We value the feeling of home and are determined to use our unique skills and expertise to help you obtain it.

What Drives Us

  • Family
  • Innovation
  • Happy clients
  • Happy employees
  • The feeling of home

We are inspired by living …

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