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    Housing Experts Say This Isn’t a Bubble

    By Admin | July 14, 2022

    With so much talk about an economic slowdown, some people are asking if the housing market is heading for a crash like the one in 2008. To really understand what’s happening with real estate today, it’s essential to lean on the experts for reliable information. Here’s why economists and industry experts say the housing market is not a bubble ready to pop.... Read More

    Should I Buy a Home Right Now?

    By Admin | July 13, 2022

    If you’ve been thinking about buying a home, you likely have one question on the top of your mind: should I buy right now, or should I wait? While no one can answer that question for you, here’s some information that could help you make your decision. The Future of Home Price Appreciation Each quarter, Pulsenomics surveys a national panel of... Read More

    Expert Housing Market Forecasts for the Second Half of the Year

    By Admin | July 12, 2022

    The housing market is at a turning point, and if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home, that may leave you wondering: is it still a good time to buy a home? Should I make a move this year? To help answer those questions, let’s turn to the experts for projections on what the second half of the... Read More

    The Drop in Mortgage Rates Brings Good News for Homebuyers

    By Admin | July 11, 2022

    Over the past few weeks, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate from Freddie Mac fell by half a percent. The drop happened over concerns about a potential recession. And since mortgage rates have risen dramatically this year, homebuyers across the country should see this decline as welcome news. Freddie Mac reports that the average 30-year rate was down to 5.30% from 5.81%... Read More

    5 Little-Known Things To Look For When Moving Up To A New Home in Raleigh

    By Admin | July 9, 2022

    If you’re in the process of selling a home and buying your next home in the Raleigh area, you’ve probably found yourself swooning over an open house. The property is staged and spotless, and before long, you’re ready to make an offer. But all too often, problems start cropping up after the keys are handed... Read More

    Why Growing Home Equity Is Great News if You Plan To Move

    By Admin | July 8, 2022

    Some Highlights According to the latest data from CoreLogic, the average homeowner gained $64,000 in home equity over the past 12 months. That much equity can be a game-changer when you move. When you sell, it could be some (if not all) of what you need for a down payment on your next home. To find out how much equity you have in... Read More

    What Does an Economic Slowdown Mean for the Housing Market?

    By Admin | July 7, 2022

    According to a recent survey, more and more Americans are concerned about a possible recession. Those concerns were validated when the Federal Reserve met and confirmed they were strongly committed to bringing down inflation. And, in order to do so, they’d use their tools and influence to slow down the economy. All of this brings up... Read More

    How Your Equity Can Grow over Time

    By Admin | July 6, 2022

    It’s true that record levels of home price appreciation have spurred significant equity gains for homeowners over the past few years. As Diana Olick, Real Estate Correspondent at CNBC, says: “The stunning jump in home values over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic has given U.S. homeowners record amounts of housing wealth.” That’s great for your home’s value over the last... Read More

    Is Homeownership Still the American Dream?

    By Admin | July 5, 2022

    Defining the American dream is personal, and no one individual will have the same definition as another. But the feelings it brings about – success, freedom, and a sense of prosperity – are universal. That’s why, for many people, homeownership remains a key part of the American dream. Your home is your stake in the community, a strong financial investment,... Read More

    First Comes Love, Then Comes Mortgage

    By Admin | July 4, 2022

    Getting married and buying your first home are two of the most monumental, exciting, and (sometimes) stressful milestones in life. Even more so when done consecutively or simultaneously! The good news is, there are a lot of similarities between planning and executing a wedding and buying your first home. Hire a Team of Professionals There... Read More

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