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About Us

OnWire Realty uses cutting-edge solutions to make the real estate experience more rewarding for everyone involved. Founded in 2006, OnWire Realty was created by an IBM Global Services consultant who saw an opportunity of applying similar methods to the real estate industry. By combining the power of technology with critical thinking, we have optimized our process for better outcomes, while saving time and money for our clients.

We’re reimagining the real estate experience.

OnWire Realty was founded with a desire to do things differently.

At OnWire Realty, it’s all about providing the best experience for clients AND agents. It’s our goal to ensure our employees love where they work and love what they do. That means providing more value to employees and offering benefits that can’t be found anywhere else.

It starts with our team.

We believe happier employees lead to happier clients, which is why we provide all the resources for our employees to be successful. Unlike other real estate firms. we don’t expect our employees to come out of pocket to do their job. We cover all expenses to maintain their license, all materials and collateral (such as signage, lockboxes, photography services, marketing flyers, etc.), free lead generation, continuing education, and industry leading tools.

We use cutting-edge technology to make smarter decisions.

Our core business relies on applying advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our founder has spent years working in tech. With her background in engineering, and having created her own consulting company, we’ve taken that experience and applied it to our business model. This helps our agents work faster and smarter for our customers.

At the end of the day, we’re here to guide clients home.

That means doing whatever it takes, the smartest way possible.

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